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about the book

Hey little adventurers, get ready for a super fun journey in Goodnight Surf City! Have you ever wondered what makes Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, so awesome? Come and find out!

Imagine playing on the sunniest beaches, where the sand feels like a warm hug to your toes. Get ready to surf the biggest waves and learn all the cool surf tricks at the famous Surf Museum. Don’t forget your skateboard, because the skate park is where you can show off your awesome moves!

As the day ends, we will walk down the beautiful Huntington Beach Pier. It’s so long that it seems to touch the sky! We’ll say goodnight to the sun as it paints the sky with the prettiest colors you’ve ever seen.

Goodnight Surf City is not just a story, it’s a magical tour where you can meet new friends and have the coolest adventures. And guess what? It’s a book that helps you dream the sweetest dreams, full of sunshine and happy days.

So come along, and let’s explore the wonderful Surf City together! It’s a place where every day is the best day ever, and your new friends are waiting to play and explore with you. Are you ready for the fun? Let’s go!

Our Client Says

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Our Favorite Book (HIGHLY recommended for ALL ages!)
An absolute favorite!!!
My two year old son and me love reading this book together every night before bed. It has such beautiful art of our home town and takes you on such a fun adventure through all of our favorite places in Huntington Beach. He loves it so much and always points at it before nighttime. Thank you for making such a special book about our home!
Kimmie Arick
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Wonderful kids book!
This book is so fun to read, my 3 year old son loves it! It is beautifully illustrated and takes you on a tour through all of the fun things to see and do in Huntington Beach. Highly recommend for anybody with little ones who love a good rhyming picture book!
Lori Federico
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1st Grade Class Loved it❤
My 1st grade class loved it! Some of them have never been to the beach. The illustrations are beautiful and a great dipiction of Huntington Beach. It made me want to visit. I haven't been there in years.